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A Picnic Under The Stars - Take a blanket, a lamp and a picnic with you outdoors and sit with your lover under the stars. You could do this in the back yard, on an apartment block, or somewhere more idyllic, perhaps in a setting by a lake. Sat under the stars you and your lover will feel like the only two people alive on the planet. If you want to add a little more fun to the occasion, you could bring along a telescope.Take a gift - even if it is a very small token of your affection. It must be personal and meaningful. Consider chocolate, flowers, a teddy bear, a love letter, a poem, jewelry or if you really run out of ideas: a gift voucher.

A Dinner Of Love

One of most effective romantic evening ideas is to fix up a candlelight dinner for two in the comforts of your own home. You don't need to go to a ritzy restaurant to have a nice and quiet meal together.

Tell your partner in the morning, before they leave for work, that you have something planned for the night. Give them a sweet kiss and an "I love you" to keep their curiosity on fire. Your partner will be thinking about your surprise the entire day and will be anticipating it.

Prepare some luscious home cooked meals and set up the dining table for a romantic dinner for two. Take out some candles and put on the most romantic music you can find to give it the right mood. This is commonly used as a prelude to romance and will give make your partner excited over what will come after the hearty dinner.

Think about your date. What does he or she like? Is it a romantic dinner with wine and candles in a fine restaurant. Would your date like you to dress up in evening clothes, and meet her or him with a little gift and maybe a bouquet of flowers? Or is your date the kind of person who would prefer a homemade or takeout dinner at your apartment which you will serve wearing your best lingerie or boxers with romantic music playing in the background? The key to this date is THOUGHTFULNESS. You thought about your date and what would be special to them.

If the weather outside is frightful, remember what it was like to just get out in the snow and enjoy yourselves. Go outside and make snow angels. Make the perfect snowmen, take it a step further and create a snowman couple. Once you are both thoroughly frozen, take to the warmth of the house and enjoy a nice mug of warm cocoa together. Snuggle up under a blanket to get the chill out of your bones. Best of all this even works for parents. You can have a great romantic and fun date, while the children are warm and settled in their beds.

Go to a Casino - Be a high roller for a night, go to a casino. Learn how to play a new game. Eat at the buffet. See a show. The casino can provide a place for a romantic evening idea.

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