Symptoms of Mumps,Mumps in Children,Bells Palsy Causes

Mumps, also known as 'epidemic parotitis', is a condition that is largely not a problem in the Western world thanks to the introduction of many medical supplies such as vaccinations and the means by which to give them. This was once a common problem particularly among school children and would lead to many days off.It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause, however aside from the symptoms, there are also certain risk factors that have to be looked out for.

Bell's Palsy is facial paralysis, normally affecting one side of the face, and can last from a number of weeks to a number of years. It is the most common cause of facial paralysis. Bell's palsy is a diagnosis of exclusion; in many cases, no specific cause can be ascertained.

Diabetes is said to be partly due to genetic or hereditary factors. But even if you may be at high risk of having the disease, there are very practical ways to prevent or manage diabetes. Healthy eating and ample physical exercise may make wonders in winning the fight against diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus is a change in the internal chemistry within your body due to a failure in the production of the hormone insulin, which results in abnormally high levels of glucose within the blood.Diphtheria begins with a tickly and sore throat and then swiftly turns into a serious respiratory illness resulting in the nose and throat becoming blocked making it difficult to breathe. Symptoms can last for up to 6 weeks and is potentially so serious that it can prove fatal.

Many symptoms of infertility in both men and women may go unnoticed and are difficult to diagnose without a full medical work up including blood, urine and semen tests. However, there are many symptoms of infertility which are obvious and should ring warning bells if you are hoping to have a family in the not too distant future.