Women in Abusive Relationships | Why Do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Men who are aggressive by means of tempers, anger or moodiness, demonstrate signs of an abusive relationship. Also when all sorts of threats are made. Such as threats to kill the woman or kill himself if she were to leave.

The community generally needs to be made aware of the widespread nature of the problem.This needs to be done by making contact with a broad cross section of media outlets and getting them to do interviews with those who have the information available.

The mature battered woman has more ties, more history, and sees her life with less road ahead of her.Whereas, a younger woman-while entangled in the same battering dynamic-measures what she lives relative to the potential life ahead.So, for the woman in her fifties, sixties or even seventies, it's about now. And for the woman in her twenties and thirties, it's about later.

Using manipulation and other psychological tactics to control another is not limited to perpetrators of domestic violence. A fast talking mortgage broker who makes you feel beholden to sign on the dotted line before you can properly analyze the deal is also engaging in a power play.

Needless to say, this is a painful dilemma on one side of which there is an absolute necessity for withdrawing from the vicious relationship for the benefit of your own self. On the other side there is a responsibility, for the sake of respect to the loved one, for that relationship, for that love you have a hope to restore. So it is always a doubt and a question of whether withdrawing from the relationship be an appropriate decision and what may be done to save yourself while saving the relationship at a whole. 

Who should be that savior for you to put your faith upon - probably your friends and family. It is those people who can offer protection and consolation to your damaged soul. There are some plain things that every woman needs to understand which, on itself, is a hard task given the level of anxiety and despair that is always there when you are abused.

When you have finished thinking about your life and why you feel it is still worth living with or without him, there is a book written just for you, entitled, "Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate" that can be found on Amazon.com, Borders, or Target. This book is every abused woman's diary of poetry although based on one woman's experience. The feelings and thoughts expressed relates to being let down and abused by men at the mere age of 21 when most young women are supposed to be enjoying life.