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Who do you think a woman would be more interested in; a guy who just goes to work and then comes home, or a guy who has a lot of interests, hobbies, and stories to tell? I think the answer should be pretty obvious. If you want to get women interested in you, then you have to be interesting. The more multi dimensional you are, the more fulfilled your life is, the more women are going to pay attention to you.

One of these important rules is that women become more interested when they perceive you to be more interesting to other women. You may have noticed this when you receive glances from other women when out on a date. It just naturally happens. To be really successful with women one of the best things to do is go after volume. Go and get a lot of numbers. Do not just hit on one girl when you meet her. Hit on twenty. Some will not be interested, but some will.

The very first step in developing confidence is to create a positive frame of mind in regards to failure. It is a fact that people sometimes fail when they approach females. Think about baseball. If a guy gets a hit 4 out of 10 times at bat consistently, he is a "Rock-star", bound for fame and fortune. For women it is similar. If you get 4-10 women interested you are doing quite well. Like anything you need to work at it and will get better over time. You need to get a thick skin where it comes to approaching women and not let it influence your self-assurance.

When you develop a flirty personality, you are actually sending signals to the girls that you are fun and exciting to be with. When you flirt, you are also telling the girl that you are interested in her subtlety without expressing so directly which may scare the girl away. This will attract the girl as long as you don't overdo it. To get a girl interested in you, you need to be secretive with your flirting such as innocently touching her forearm when talking to her will give you a leg up.

Girls are weird creatures. They get exasperated when guys dump all their personal information on them as if they are your computer personal archive. Oh, of course the girls will tell you that they want a man who can come clean and tell her everything about himself, but that is her logical mind speaking, not the emotional mind which is the source of attraction.

Most women are not outright looking for a guy with money, though it's a plus for them.This is one of those false beliefs that is so common and so dead wrong, it's not even funny. Of course it would be a plus if the guy did well financially, but that is not the big secret that these guys have. As long as you make enough money to support yourself and you are not a 35 year old guy still bumming it out on a friend's couch, you already have more than enough money for most women. Of course, if you have 6 figures coming in annually, then that is just another plus in your corner.

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