Benefits of Human Cloning | Techniques of Cloning Humans

A seeker of SSRF having advanced sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP) did spiritual research into human cloning and has received divine knowledge about human cloning in the form of a comparative study between a human clone generated from a single cell and a human being generated from the fusion of a sperm and ovum.In all these scenarios the cloned child is brought into the world to fill a need in her parents' lives - not a need based on love, but rather a need based on the desire for money, fame, or both.

The cloned child's choices are constrained by her parents' goals and she is not free to develop interests of her own. Her autonomy is restricted, her own personal goods are not considered, and she is harmed deeply.

Granted, there are some sober and solid reasons to follow a path of research to develop techniques of cloning humans. Certainly, advancements made using stem cells, for example, have provided welcomed treatments and hope for those suffering countless terminal illnesses. The medical use of stem cells has been equally controversial to human cloning, but enjoys more lenient permission from society generally because of its limitations in 'building' a human being.

In mammalian cloning, an adult skin cell is reprogrammed to a primitive pluripotent state. Primitive, in this context, refers to a very early stage in the history of the cell's development, rather than a prehistoric or backward condition. Pluripotent cells have the capability to develop into any type of cell lineage, such as muscle, blood, gastrointestinal, or nerve cells. The adult cell is in a differentiated state - it possesses highly specific structure and has highly specific tasks, based on its cell type. Creating a child who is a clone strips all of randomness from the process of reproduction. Literally, with cloning, what you see is what you get with respect to surface qualities.

Silicon gel is currently being used in various surgical applications. This is often rejected or may give rise to immune diseases. Instead of resorting to materials foreign to a person's body, doctors could grow bones, cells and tissues of the person which will eliminate problems of compatibility. This is particularly significant with people requiring facial reconstruction after accidents.
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marlinali2k3 said...

You may try to clone a human being but the results will be catastrophic.The cloned human will suffer from various sikness.

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