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At first men were 'blown away' by these services. They were truly life changing. However, at the same time another trend was emerging. As the number of products and services grew, from successful and not so successful dating coaches (not everyone mastered the skills) dating advice for men became more confusing for men searching out the advice.

The next step then is to go about how to contact women that you'd like to meet. Again, many men waste hours and hours of their precious time on some women, mailing back and forth, chatting, without ever getting anywhere. If you joined a dating site because you are looking for a chat partner, that's fine, but if you want to hook up with real women, then it is important that you get to meet them in real life as quickly as possible.

Many men think that conversing with someone is all about words. Unlike women who are very big on communication using more than words, men may try too hard to make a good impression, talk too much, and try to show what a great guy they are to the point of not paying enough attention to the woman. Catching her eye will prove to her that she is being listened to, which is important to women who are out with someone. This tells her that she is the sole focus of this date.

Lazy Man's Method: Yeah, everybody want's the EASIEST way to do something, but it's like the old "snake oil" remedies. How successful have you ever been doing something the "lazy man's" way? Not very, I'll bet. And that's what you'll get with these. Lazy has never been a compliment, and it never should be, because the something-for-nothing mentality.

A coach will take one or more students under his wing to mentor them typically during a weekend. He will coach them with seminar content, where he explains dating concepts and tactics, and then he will take them out into the real world so that they can practice. While they are practicing their skills in meeting women in bars or just simply in coffee shops or other random places the dating guru observes them, and provides feedback afterwards.

Another dating advice for men is that they need not to appear too desperate for women. Women usually like men who have other things in their life besides girls. So when you approach women make sure you don't portay that you want them badly or else they might run away from you. Instead you need to make them want more of you by just giving them a little of attention and keeping them puzzled about your feelings for them.

When you first discover dating advice for men you go through a phase of intensive learning. There is a lot to learn, and the wealth of knowledge out there is intimidating. But most guys also find it extremely interesting (and fun) and are happy to invest the hours necessary in reading and practicing.

Be optimistic when you date. Be self-confident and allow yourself the opportunity to succeed. If you sense that your dating strategies are not working, then change them. Do what the ladies like, whether that's changing your appearance slightly or talking about subjects that they are more interested in. The best dating advice for men is to combine smarts with persistence.