Fitness Activities for Kids

8:37 PM

Many children are traveling to school by car, as they are dropped off by parents who are on their way to work. Children are often keener to watch tv, or play on games consoles after school, and so not playing outside as much. Sport in schools also isn't as extensive as it was. This means that children are getting less exercise than they did a few years ago.

Taking your children to the gym with you is one of the best ways to ensure that they stay in shape. You'll be able to supervise them in a secure, safe environment and most gyms provide facilities and fitness classes which have been designed specifically with children in mind. Remember, that if your children see you lounging in front of the TV all the time, they think

Household chores are also activities that will help you exercise to get fit. For example, you can jump around when you are cleaning your house. You can also make dusting or vacuuming as a workout. Alternatively, if you have small children, carrying them can also be a good exercise especially when you are carrying them up the stairs.

Of course how successful it is depends on the child in question but the easiest option encourage fitness is to get them interested in after school sports or competition. While some sports may not suit some children, there are literally hundreds to choose from depending on the interests of the child. For example, those who are great team players will usually respond well to team sports such as netball or soccer whereas kids who prefer solo sports can thrive in swimming and tennis sports.

Dance classes are excellent training for life. You learn awareness of your own body and develop fitness in a balanced way. There's a creative element to dance, too. And you can continue to dance throughout life. Both of my boys took dance classes when they were little. It's unfortunate that, as they got older, the number of other boys in the class thinned out and they eventually dropped out too.

Organizing art related games peps up the atmosphere for your kids. You can call in the neighborhood children and have a theme for the competition. It should be a friendly competition with no strings attached. And if you do not want to clean up the mess once it's done, then make it clear at the beginning that the children will have to be a part of the cleaning, after the competition.

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