How Dramatic Are You | Best Way to Figure Out How Well You're

8:29 PM

The best way to figure out how well you're likely to do with eBooks or anything else is to take a moment to examine what your performance has been in the past. If you've tried making money with eBooks, how successful have you been? If the answer to that question is "not as successful as I would have liked," then you really owe it to yourself to have an honest assessment about the things you did (or didn't do) that resulted in you not achieving your goal.

Blending in, or holding back are our tell tale signs that we're being less than authentic. What's worse when we do it -usually in order to feel safe - we end up selling out on our self. Over time this repeated sell out leads our 'self' to feel under valued, unwanted, and wrong. And so begins a long spiral downwards, where we put more and more of our self in a box. Think of this as a long slow death before the ultimate box marked coffin. Yet it's not irreversible, at any we time can stop boxing ourselves up.

Having one big meal does not constitute falling off the wagon, and neither does missing a workout. However, there comes a point with many people when they just give up on their fitness goals and routine altogether. Even Oprah admitted that her gradual lack of resolve led to eating whatever she wanted, and for reasons that are common with those who overeat repeatedly. She compared food to being like a drug, and she used it to comfort and soothe herself.

Not surprising, it was also found that warranty claims attributable to the process increased by about 25% when a normal worker was absent. The revelation in the study came when it was shown that process and warranty costs of the nearest downstream and upstream process also increased by about 11%. The next stage removed in the process downstream and upstream increased an additional 7%.

It's ok if up to this point you have not been fully committed and responsible for what you said you were committed to in your life. Just be honest with yourself and see where you have been out of integrity. See what excuses you were letting get in your way, and re-commit to the things in your life that inspires you. You may fall out of your commitments from time to time, most of do but pick yourself up and get back in the game.

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