How to Treat Sleep Disorders | Sleep Apnea | Sleep Problems

5:37 AM

Sleep apnea involves a stoppage of breathing, or a reduction in the quality of breathing level during sleep. This can cause people to get a less restful sleep and feel extremely sluggish during the day. It can sometimes even cause the body to wake itself up during the night in order to breathe properly. Snorting, snoring, and gasping during sleep are common symptoms of sleep apnea. It can also cause severe headaches in the morning.

New born babies, young and old adults and even our favorite pets can suffer from sleep disorders. There are some sleep problems such as bedwetting which is normally seen in kids and would go as the child develops a stronger bladder control. Yet another sleep disorder narcolepsy may not have a definite cure and can be controlled with proper medications and sleep behavior.

For adult, we need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. However not everyone is able to get the comfortable 8 hours we need. Having a good night sleep is very important for us to maintain our best mental and physical health. Many people left their sleep disorders untreated. Without finding out the underlying causes, it will further put our health in risk.

One of the most common forms of parasomnia is confused arousal in which you wake up unconsciously and start walking. This problem in common term is known as sleep walking. Another common type of parasomina is sleep terror also known as night terror in which the person wakes up in a panic state. It is usually associated with a loud scream. There are many more types of parasomnias but these are the most common ones.

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