Thyroid Disease,Treatment of Thyroid Disease

7:20 AM

Thyroid disease can take a toll on your life in so many ways. Every person's experience is different. Some people find that they don't have the same mental clarity they used to. Others find that they are constantly fatigued. Others experience dramatic changes in weight. Some people have sleep disturbances. Some people have depression. The list goes on.

Thyroid Disease although perhaps more widely known is the US also affects many patients in the United Kingdom and unfortunately it seems the British medical establishment is making things even harder for UK sufferers to access the treatment they deserve, they may well be making it even harder for those same people to get a correct diagnosis in the first place.Diagnosis & Treatment of Thyroid Disease In The UK Limited By Restrictive Guidelines.

Exhaustion and fatigue - this happens when you feel tired even after doing simple tasks. Even breathing is tiring. This is a sign that you are lacking T3 hormones. Although this can actually happen apart from the thyroid disease, you still need to pay attention to it before it gets serious.

Interestingly people with Celiac are diagnosed up to four times more often with Thyroid Disease than non Celiacs. It appears to be that left untreated Celiac Disease appears to be a part of the process involved in triggering other auto immune conditions. It is very important for patients with Autoimmune Thyroiditis to be screened for Celiac. This may help prevent other autoimmune disorders from developing. Also research has shown that those patients produce no antibodies to the thyroid three to six months after remaining on a gluten free diet.

Millions of people live with thyroid disease without realizing it. If you feel tired all the time, if you feel irritable, if you feel confused or like your world has gone out of focus, thyroid disease might be the cause.

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