How To Control Skin Darkening | Aging Problems

A lot of things can trigger skin darkening. More often than not, it is caused by excessive sun exposure. Our skin reverses UV rays damages by producing more melanin. This is the pigment that gives our skin a darker color.

The sun is the major culprit in skin aging. According to studies, it is the main cause of 80% of the aging problems that appear on the skin. If you avoid chronic exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, you can prolong young looking skin.One of the effects of cumulative sun exposure is skin darkening. Our skin reacts to the sun's rays by producing melanin. This is the pigment that makes our skin darker. This is our skin's defense mechanism against harmful UV rays.

Pigmentation spots can easily appear on your skin. There are different types of skin discoloration problems. There are also different causes. The sun is the primary cause of the formation of brown spots and uneven skin darkening.

Skin colour varies mainly due to genetic origin and is associated with sunlight intensities. Melanin, by absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun, controls the amount of ultraviolet radiation that penetrates the skin.

Apply Dermacai under your eyes twice everyday. Make sure you apply it before bedtime so your skin will really get to absorb it. You'll be surprised that after just a few applications, dark under-eyes have considerably lightened.There are a few types of hyperpigmentation that is based on the cause of the excess melanin and its appearance on the skin. These include melasma, age spots or liver spots, freckles, and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is also related with a number of diseases such as Addison's disease and other sources of adrenal insufficiency, in which the hormones induce melanin synthesis.

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