How to Dress for a Job Interview

12:38 AM

The best advice anybody can give you is that you should dress one or two levels better than the job you're gunning for. Obviously you won't be able to dress better than an executive or CEO if you going for those positions but you get the point. By dressing better than the position you have applied for you imprint a good impression of yourself to the employer and shows respect to the company and hiring manager. Not being presentable can automatically draw questions of you being lazy or a sloppy worker.

Get yourself a good haircut before an interview. This does not mean that your hair has to be cut as a "short back and sides" but it should be neat, tidy and of course clean. Most women, possibly because they tend to spend more time and money on their hair have less problems in this area than men. It is worth investing in a good pair of shoes for interviews and ensuring that they are in good repair and clean. Trainers and sandals do not tend to make a good impression at most interviews.

Men can use aftershave instead of cologne. It is much milder smelling. Be aware of other strong cosmetic smells like hair lotion or gel. Women should use their perfume moderately and apply it a good couple of hours before the interview. Don't overpower the interviewer with just applied perfume or deodorant.

Use minimal aftershave/perfume- Too much scent is a sure sign of someone who does not know how to dress for a job interview. Sure, you may love the smell of the latest CK scent, but what if the interviewer hates it? Worse still, what if they are allergic and talking to you brings them out in hives? Many interviewers find it very unprofessional to wear perfume etc to an interview, so even if they love the smell you may be downgrading yourself. You can avoid this where possible by making sure you are freshly showered before you enter the interview, so you will smell nice and clean and avoid the need for perfumes etc.

Dress shirts come in different materials, colors, and designs. White shirt is very common and probably the safest color to wear. You can wear it with any other color. Other than white, you can also choose lighter or paler colors. Match it appropriately with a color coordinated silk tie. For material, choose the cotton-based which are comfortable and doesn't wrinkle too much like linen or silk.

Once you have packed your soft skills well it is time for you to make the best physical impression. Dress well in clothes and colors that suit you (in conservative shades). Some clothes make you feel more confident than the others, so get those clothes out. Dress like a thorough professional in business clothes. Get your hair, beard, fingernails etc done. Use colognes or perfumes that are subtle and not too loud. Check your papers and leave for your interview early to avoid any unforeseen traffic delays etc. Land up at the venue early, relax and enjoy the process.

Believe it or not, some employers are actually willing to hire a less qualified applicant simply because he or she was more confident and relaxed during the interview. Calmness and confidence suggest that you're competent, that you know what you're doing and that you're comfortable in this environment. That's exactly what HR wants.

Shoes polish - This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Employers always look for a disciplined worker to fill their vacancy. Having polished shoes is a sign that you are taking your interview seriously and that you are able to do the tasks which are given.

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