Treatment of Cholera

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Cholera is caused by a definite bacterium which is spread in much the same way as typhoid. Scrupulous sanitation is necessary and great must be exercised to boil all water, especially during an epidemic. Flies transmit the disease and every effort should be made to keep them away from food and babies.

Boiling water has been one of the best and oldest ways to treat water to make it safe. It is thought of as a water treatment method. When water is boiled, it kills the harmful items that are found in the drinking water of you and me. It is thought to be the fastest and easiest way to clean and treat the water we use for drinking.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses. There are sinuses located above the eyes frontal sinuses to either side of the nose, inside the cheekbones maxillary sinuses, behind the bridge of the nose (sphenoid sinuses); and in the upper nose (ethmoid sinuses). Sinuses are air filled pockets in the skull that are connected to the nose and throat by passages designed to drain away mucus.

Cholera, sometimes known as Asiatic cholera or epidemic cholera, is an infectious gastroenteritis caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Transmission to humans occurs through ingesting food or water that is contaminated with cholera vibrios.

Cholera is an acute serious bacterial infection which is caused by the etiologic agent, Vibrio Cholerae. The said pathogen is a gram-negative bacterium and can be found in infected food or contaminated drinking water. It can also be found within vomitus or the feces of infected persons, otherwise regarded as the carriers.

The bacteria are acquired through ingestion of contaminated water or food through a number of mechanisms. Water is usually contaminated by the feces of infected individuals. Drinking water can be contaminated at the source, during transport or during storage at home.

Food can get contaminated by soiled hands, during preparation or while eating.Juice-treatment does not claim to be the only remedy for every disease. It's a fact which can be well understood that in the cases of some diseases & especially when it's a serious one, one has to take the help of other therapies. If a certain therapy has been proven useful and effective in a particular disease, there's no reason why one should be deprived of therapeutical benefits

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