Skin Tag Removals

8:32 AM

Most people use stuff that they already have in the medicine cabinet to remove such a thing. They simply tie a piece of dental floss around it, so that they can pull it out straight. They then, typically use some type of finger nail cutting device to cut it clean off. It is important to get as close to the base area as possible, and to always disinfect the area after everything has been done.

Before considering skin tag removal, it is important to know that these tags on the skin are in no way harmful to your health or dangerous. It is a completely benign outgrowth on the skin, and generally occurs in areas of the body where there are folds of skin, such as the neck, armpits, and groin.

Applying a mixture of baking soda and castor oil can help to remove the skin tag. In fact this is considered to be one of the most effective solutions because it naturally shrinks the tags of the skin. If used regularly, the skin tags would disappear within two to three weeks.

Skin tags on the genital area can be removed without extensive surgery. The procedure painless and is usually done in the doctor’s office. You would be given local anesthesia to numb the area and then the physician would tie a string around the skin tag to cut off the blood supply. They would then take a surgical knife or scissors to remove the tag.

Genital skin tags can also be removed by cauterizing them using electrically heated metal probes. Local anesthesia is often given to reduce discomfort and there is minimum bleeding here as the blood supply to the skin tags is cut off before the removal of skin tags.

It is not very uncommon for average people to have these blemishes, and most of these people are going to have more than one. Such a thing occurs quite commonly in women and men, and people should not worry too much about it. Many causes can be attributed to these blemishes.

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