How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Health Benefits | Health Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is a very potent anti bacterial, anti septic and anti viral agent. It can help cure many skin diseases right on contact. The aborigines used it to treat wounds as it can kill viruses that could later on lead to infection.
Its uses for skin disorders and diseases are innumerable. It has become famous during the 2nd world war because many soldiers carry with them a bottle of tea tree essential oil because it was a very good first aid treatment for wounds.The anti-fungal qualities of this oil make it ideal for treating fungal infections like athlete's foot and thrush. Unlike other prescribed treatments, it is gentler on the body and no side effects. It does take a longer time to heal though.

The health benefits of tree tea oil is most credited for is its richness in various antioxidants which has a biological role in eliminating free radicals. It is involved in eliminating serious diseases and fight ageing. It's no secret that we live in a fallen world filled with viruses, bacteria and toxins. In spite of the causes, God has provided an abundant supply of natural resources to assist us with preventing and curing illness. You need not always turn to pharmaceuticals for aid. It is one natural resource you need to pay attention to.

When use for massage, tea tree essential oil can help in the relaxation of the body. It can calm the nerves and free the mind of any unwanted thoughts that can cause stress. It's almost minty and herbaceous aroma aid clearing the mind and spirit to be able to completely relax.

It is a very good balsamic also. Tea tree oil can help the body absorb the nutrients and minerals we get from food. It does help to the body to boost its energy and at the same time become healthier. As a balsamic it aids in getting rid of diseases that normally attack one's body.

Diseases of the respiratory system, like sinusitis, throat infections, bronchitis, and other cases that would benefit from the use of a steam machine, can be aided by adding a few drops of Tea Tree either to the water in the machine, or to the oil reservoir in the top. This is especially helpful for kids.