Biological & Psychological Causes of Depression | Causes Of Depression

Identifying causes for depression is crucial in your treatment. Depression is not something you can fight alone. It takes time to get over this condition and go back to your normal life again. What you do now counts, so seek help before depression takes over your life completely.Let there be no doubt that depression is a serious mental illness that sometimes requires months and years of treatment on the road to a cure.

Hippocrates referred to depression as melancholia, which literally means black bile. Black bile, along with blood, phlegm, and yellow bile were the four humors (fluids) that described the basic medical physiology theory of that time. We have chemicals in our brains that affect our moods and emotions. Some of these chemicals are norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.

A chemical imbalance will result if there is not enough, too much, or inconsistent usage of those chemicals. If the chemicals in our brains are off balance, or halts producing, this will affect our mood. It is just like performing in a parade. If one person stops marching, it could affect the rest of the parade.

If you have answered 'YES' to a minimum of three questions, you may be suffering from acute depression. A Depression quiz is a facilitating tool which helps the doctor to have idea of the patient's state of mind and give suggestions accordingly. If a person suffers from depression he should seek medical advice, take steps towards a more positive attitude towards life and fight against those factors which cause depression.

Having a personal problem is one cause of depression. Family life or any personal relationship can give rise to such problems. If you're facing difficulties in dealing with an issue and it is stressing you quite badly, you'll need to find a way out of it. If you ignore it totally and do not take any action or seek any help or treatment that is necessary, you may end up with more problems that can cause harm to both your mind and body.

There are some medical conditions that are known to contribute to depression, such as cancer, HIV, and heart disease. This is mainly because these conditions can cause stress and physical weakness to the affected person. In some cases, medications that are used to treat physical conditions can cause depression. This goes true to those medications that act directly on the chemicals of the brain.

Drugs and alcohol may also cause depression. Alcohol can decrease stimulation in the brain that triggers depression, making alcoholics prone for depression. Certain drugs like benzodiazepines can depress serotonin in the brain causing depression.Physical changes such as inability to focus on work and studies, lack of sleep or oversleeping, loss of appetite or overeating, low sex drive, and social withdrawal are some noticeable symptoms of depression.


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