Facts about Oolong Tea Weight Loss | How to Drink Oolong & Green Teas for Weight Loss

Oolong tea and weight loss are associated with each other because of oolong tea's ability to control obesity effectively, thanks to a substance called polyphenol that the tea contains. This particular substance produces an enzyme, similar to those found in diet pills, which dissolves triglyceride. This means that oolong tea functions to speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories and, as a consequence, lose weight. What's more, oolong tea provides you with the energy you need, relieving you from depression and other emotional burdens brought about by other weight loss programs.
One of the most popular types of tea from China is Oolong, and it is available in most Chinese restaurants. It is somewhat expensive though because it can't be grown in other areas beside China. The climate and environment in has to be just perfect for Oolong tea to grow properly. So far the only location where this has happened is China.

It is a known fact that the two main ways to reduce food related body weight include; increase metabolism and inhibit absorption of nutrients, including fat and carbohydrates. The caffeine in Oolong tea is a stimulant which helps to increase metabolism.

It is important to realize that if you are drinking tea for the taste then it doesn't matter if you buy cheap Oolong tea bags, Black tea dust or whatever Green tea happens to be sitting on the supermarket shelf. It's good to have an economical variety of choice and tea is always a refreshing drink served hot or cold. The old myth about tea dehydrating your body has been proved to be, well, a myth!

Drinking the Formosa oolong tea is a true healthy experience. Generally containing high levels of antioxidants, it is also effective in preventing hear disease and certain types of cancer. If you are trying to lose weight or have lost some due to an illness, you can still nourish your body with important nutrients and experience wellness by drinking the Formosa oolong tea. This tea also contains caffeine and its combination with antioxidants enables it to speed up metabolism and promote fat oxidation.

Oolong is made from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is widely known for its appealing aroma. Now instead of having to choke down bitter pills and medicines, you finally can have a tasty weight loss supplement. You probably won't even remember that you are drinking it for the purpose of losing weight.

Taiwan varieties brew a cup that has a more golden color, and a brew that tastes more "flowery" compared to the Chinese oolongs. Some varieties come real close to resembling green tea, and even have a slight vegetal taste save the sweeter flavors that may be present as well. As mentioned above, the leaves are rolled in to curly balls which open up revealing leaves that are the largest of the four types of tea.

Finding it may be a bit difficult and it may be a bit more expensive than other teas you've tried. Oolong teas are more labor intensive to produce, which typically makes them more expensive. And, Formosa oolong teas are even more expensive than Chinese oolong teas because the costs of labor are higher in Taiwan. However, like fine wine, rare teas can be appreciated on many different taste and aroma levels and are worth the extra expense.