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Most of us suffer from fungal infections at some time or another during our life. Many of these infections occur in the superficial part of our body or in the skin. Fungal infections are transferable and some can be very dangerous and in extreme cases can even lead to death. Sometimes, you may be infected with a fungal infection and not even realize it.


It can help in killing the bacteria which is harmful for the body. Applying it directly or consuming it through the mouth may have similar results. It should only be applied externally; internal usage is not recommended or even advised as it may be harmful.


Recognized because of it's success in curing the problem as well as preventing any further yeast development. A person can directly eat it or apply it on your vagina as well. Avery simple home method is to soak a neat cotton tampon in to yogurt and place it safely inside the vaginal canal for a whole night. Provided that your yogurt should not contain any kind of additional flavor and also fruit but it really should be enriched with living cultures.


Make a solution with 2 tablespoons of vinegar (apple cider or white) per quart of water. Use this as a douche each day to treat a mild infection. You may also substitute the juice of half of a lemon instead of vinegar. Boiling, during infection underwear and soak in bleach for 24 hours or iron the crotch, as researchers have discovered that Candida survive normal washing and may cause re-infection.

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Many women have found that using apple cider vinegar, yogurt, garlic and tea tree oil can be very successful in getting rid of yeast infections while most importantly providing much needed instant pain relief. They are particularly efficient when the affected area is inflamed and red.

Herbal Yeast Infection Home Remedies

Therapy, used for centuries in Eastern cultures, is effective in treating fungal infections, as well as a host of other complaints. Herbal therapy accomplishes this while avoiding rapid drug resistance and toxic reactions, which are often side effects of antifungal pharmaceutical medications.