How to Find Out What Career Suits You Best | Choosing A Career Thats Right For You

7:52 PM

Career decisions are often made quickly, often without enough background information, simply because schools and colleges don't focus on providing advice on a wide range of careers, and young people don't know how to access this information themselves.

This pattern is often repeated later in life, when someone decides to change career. Decisions are often made due to factors such as salary, perks and the possibility of job security or promotion. Although these are all good points and need to be considered when making a career choice, they should not be the main considerations.

This reflects various trends, both economic and demographic. Computing jobs result from the increased use of technology and the fast pace at which it is developing. Improved healthcare and nutrition means that we live longer, which results in more old people in need of care. Problems in the economy lead to the need for careers advisors and recruitment specialists. And many young families need two incomes to survive, which leads to a greater need for childcare.

The foremost point is to give free will to the concerned student to decide upon his or her personal career path. There are many parents who would not agree to this, as there view of the student is that they are not matured enough to take concrete decisions of such huge stature. But the wise thing is not to enforce a career on the shoulders of a student, and pay heed to his viewpoints about the stream which he or she wants to pursue in there higher studies and based on which he wants to secure a nice, respectable job. The common and inevitable question that a student asks to himself is - what is the right career for me - that needs to be addressed in a holistic manner.

Healthcare, for example, is an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds, and it's not just for nurses and doctors. Growing healthcare facilities are in need of communications specialists, computer technology experts, and human resources professionals, making it a good industry for a wide variety of career professionals.

Realize you are in transition. Instead of thinking that you have lost your job understand that this is just another transition in your life. With the economy the way it is, many people are also in transition. This can be the best time to find a job.

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