Best Gaming Laptops/Notebooks | Most Powerful Gaming Laptops

6:50 AM

Alienware M15x is one of the most powerful laptops in the world. If you want a laptop that can handle any type of gaming, no matter how intense the graphics are, then this is a great place to start. You can expect to pay for the power, of course, as the starting price for this Dell computer is $1,199. As such, you will need to make use of any coupons or discounts you come across! The more features you want with this computer, the more expensive the price will be. Thus, you need to search for coupons online before buying.

One of the high-end computers on the market right now is the Asus G73. This laptop features a true 1080p 17 inch screen and comes with an Intel Core i7 processor. Graphics are the duty of either an Nvidia GTX 460 M or an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics processor. Another top-of-the-line computer that can handle just about any task thrown at it is Alienware's M17x.

Windows 7 has just been released and now is an excellent time to upgrade your computer. Unlike all the negative press that Vista received, Windows 7 seems to be getting much better reviews, mainly because Microsoft actually listened to its customers and designed an operating system that satisfies the end-user. Unless you're Mac fanatic, now would be a good time to purchase that new laptop.

One major difference between the two is the graphics card. The graphics card is what brings to you the power of playing high-end games and even 3D games. The regular laptops also come with onboard graphics but they are not powerful enough for running games. Moreover, graphics card on gaming notebooks come with dedicated video memory of over 512 MB to even 2GB. This is one major difference between regular and gaming machine.

The newest in the market will be the dream of the user and with new computers, new designs and new programs; they would want to upgrade continuously to ensure they game undisturbed. Most of the mass produced computers prevent the owners from upgrading their systems and are forced to purchase newer models. With the custom designed computers, the upgrading is not only probable but it is possible.

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