Healthy Meals For Vegetarians | How To Be A Soul Food Vegetarian

Vegetarians have to plan their meals far more than meat-eaters in order to eat everything that a body requires to grow, repair itself and defend itself from disease. It will of course take some time for the newcomer to vegetarianism to learn new recipes and
how to cook them so in the beginning, many vegetarians do indeed cook meals which are of the 'meat and two veg' without the meat type.

Just because you decided to eliminate meat from your diet does not mean that you have taken a sacred vow to remove flavor from your meals. Actually, vegetarian and vegan cooking is extremely interesting and is truly an art form. Nowadays, vegetarians and vegans can replicate any meat based recipe with a couple of easy tweeks of the recipe and by replacing the meat with a plant based protein.

The hardest thing about becoming a vegetarian is the thought of all those delicious steaks and the all time family favorite of stir fried chicken and rice. We have had to get pretty creative in our meals, sometimes as much to ourselves as for our children.Look for easy vegetarian and vegan recipes. If you make cooking a chore or if it gets too daunting, you may abandon this altogether.

Chili seasonings bring out the best in vegetables and beans; your family and friends will never miss the meat. You can improvise with these recipes, using whatever type of beans you like, and adding or subtracting other ingredients to match your personal preferences.

You could also make build-your-own lunch boxes. This would include some high-fiber rye or wheat crackers and some cheese or vegetarian pate or vegetarian luncheon meat that your child could put on the crackers. Some other great choices would be fresh fruits, grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetarian pasta dishes and even vegetarian antipasto.

An ovo-vegetarian, on the other hand, is someone who is just the literal opposite. They use eggs, but not dairy products. Again, veggie recipes for an ovo-vegetarian may consist of an egg salad sandwich, a fried egg, or a side of scrambled eggs. But dairy is against the rules.

If you are a vegetarian who is gluten-free or a vegetarian who recently discovered that he or she has celiac disease, do not fret! You can still keep being a vegan or vegetarian and maintain a healthy and delicious life.

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Chris said…
I definitely agree that the hardest part of becoming vegetarian is to forget about steaks and stuff... what helps me are all the great meat substitutes you can buy these days! Some of them are almost exact replicas of beef or chicken. It's amazing!