How To Deal With Humidity and Hair | Caring for Hair In Humidity

A woman's hair is her crowning jewel. Healthy looking hair has been associated to self-esteem, pride, desirability and an overall positive self-image.  It is a women's ultimate accessory. Studies show the loss or thinning of a woman's hair can impact her self-confidence
and the way she feels about herself..Do not brush your hair often. Let your hair air dry as often as possible. Use finger brushing instead. Just run your fingers through your hair! You will be surprised what a difference it makes!

Women who have busy lives including taking care of families, jobs, community activities and active social lives, may prefer wearing a wig over spending hours in a salon to achieve the same results. The styles and textures of wigs or alternative hair today is such that a perfect match to one's own hair can be attained without anyone being the wiser.

Coarse hair needs added moisture to control frizz and curl. By using a good conditioner you can insure you course hair will lay flatter and be shinier. Some manufacturers offer leave in treatments, rinse-out treatments, or hydrating conditioners that will help to incorporate moisture back into your hair.

Maxi Glide comes with some excellent product to help with your hair care needs. Beyond Straight is a great conditioning formula that will help to relax curly hair so there's much less resistance while you straighten it. There is also a lovely protection formula designed to stop the ends of your hair drying out and splitting, which also provides a sexy shine to the rest of your hair.

Mind you, frizz is a different enemy than naturally curly hair - which few people mind at all. Frizz resembles a Brillo pad, and in a pinch, could probably be used for heavy kitchen chores since it's so hard and course. Even an expensive and time consuming blow dry at a high end salon isn't going to keep your frizz straight and beautiful in a rain shower, or a walk on the beach at night.

A hair and scalp analysis should be performed to understand the historical and current state of your hair and scalp beyond an educated guess. This is necessary to determine what challenge and/or disorder a client may have such as dryness, flakiness, oiliness, or perhaps dermatitis.