How to Deal With Your Discolored Teeth |

Tooth whitening should be a regular procedure since eating and drinking gradually and steadily discolor your teeth. This is even more dramatic for both coffee drinkers and cigarette smokers. And what is the big deal about tooth bleaching when it is neither expensive nor does it have but a few side effects, like teeth becoming sensitive after tooth whitening or bleaching procedure.
Perfect and white teeth are the ones we see on celebrities, cartoon and even drawings. At times we envy that type of teeth because ours are discoloured - mostly gray and yellowish. Many people asked what causes discolouration and there are also many reasons to that.

How long will you be feel embarrassed and shame at opening your mouth to laugh or to talk to the right people who can move your career forward? See, having stained and discolored teeth does not seem like a big deal until you glance around the room and see that you are the only one with a mouth full of pearly gold teeth instead of white teeth.

What is used is a special laser when it comes to performing surgical and dental procedures in laser dentistry. Aimed to target soft tissue procedures, laser dentistry started to be utilized in the 1960s. However, it was in 1997 when the US Food and Drug Administration cleared it for application on hard tissue like teeth.

At a practical level, the cost-aspect of the teeth-whitening project is also likely to be greatly influenced by the nature of the problem we are looking at: is it a case of slightly stained teeth, badly stained teeth or absolutely discolored teeth? These are things you need to think keenly about. Naturally, the more severe a problem you are trying to resolve, the more you are likely to have to spent in its resolution.

Intrinsic stains, the tooth core material also known as the dentin turns yellow there are several causes such as the intake of large concentrations of fluoride and even the use of certain antibiotics. Psychology plays a very important and vital role too. Emotional disorders such as trauma could be a cause.

Are you wondering how are teeth discolored in the first place? You see, apart from aging, if you smoke, drink a lot of sodas, caffeine and eat certain foods, you are staining your teeth. This is why it is very important to slack down a bit on those foods and drinks that discolor your teeth if you would like to have whiter teeth.
Teeth whitening at home has become so popular because, at last, regular people can enjoy the million dollar smiles once reserved for movie stars. You no longer have to tolerate the yellow teeth you are trying to avoid other people from noticing. Nothing can make or break your physical appearance like your teeth. Discolored teeth are a turnoff, nobody wants to kiss a mouth with ugly teeth.

A person's smile, whether appealing or otherwise, is one of the first things that is noticed by others. It is often not realised that an appealing smile can frequently bring about a successful deal. Whether it is a first date, a job interview or closing a sales deal, the outcome can be hampered by that not so perfect smile.

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