How to Determine Cause of Infertility | Causes of Infertility in Women

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In medical information, infertility is described as diminished ability to conceive (in females) or to produce adequate number of sperms (in males) after having regular, at least for a year, and unprotected intercourse.
What are the causes of infertility problems? There are various reasons for both male and female suffer infertility. They may due to our lifestyle factors like smoking, caffeine, alcohol or certain sexual practices. For males, they might be low sperm count or low sperm motility, unknown injury, sperm blockage and aging.

Curing your infertility naturally is by far the best way. It is a method that is free from side effects and allows you to take control of your own health. The problem is, many women and men don't know how to take control of their own fertility.

As far as infertility is concerned, acupuncture therapy provides a natural, time honored boost to help couples conceive, eliminating the need for undergoing costly fertility tests for identifying causes of the problem.

If you eat a lot of refined carbohydrates, like white bread, pasta, and white rice, you will be depriving your body of many nutrients needed to help you balance your hormones and become pregnant. Too many refined carbohydrates cause the release of insulin which can lead to irregular ovulation. .Eat whole grains instead.

Stress is related to female infertility, and is something that is just a part of normal life. This one can be hard to overcome, but if you learn to take a break you would be doing your mind and your body a lot of good.

Special foods also have a positive effect on fertility. The Pomegranate for example reportedly normalizes the female reproductive system, fish eggs on the other hand prevent problems of the thyroid gland and promote fertility.

Coffee can constrict blood vessels, slowing blood flow to the uterus and potentially making it harder to get pregnant so restrict your intake or consider avoiding it altogether.

Alcohol can harm a developing fetus and some studies show a link between drinking alcohol and difficulty in conceiving. It destroys nutrients too. You don't need it.

It is also important to check you iron levels. In several studies women who suffered from infertility and took iron supplements were able to conceive even though their doctors were skeptical. The reason for this is simple: iron prevents anemia and increases fertility.

A very simple way to cure infertility is to understand the cycle of your body. Get familiar with the time when your body undergoes ovulation. Having sex either before or during the ovulation is believed to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Infertility problems may occur in females as well as males. Though, the cures for both may vary to an extent but certain precautions must be taken by both the genders. The most important thing to do in this situation is talk with your partner.

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