Summer Fashion Tips for Men | Men's Fashion Summer Essential

This summer, there's a perfect trendy outfit that works well for everyday wear - the casual fitted blazer worn over a light-colored, short-sleeved button-down shirt. A great look to wear with jeans is the navy blue blazer or khaki blazer. And for a truly relaxed, comfortable style, you can push up the sleeves of the blazer a few inches.
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The white shirt can go from smart to casual and day to night, it suits any age and will flatter your summer skin. Wear with a suit for formal events, or top button open and sleeves turned up with jeans. You can also match your shirt with a blazer and tie.If you are body confident, slim fit is the current look, but whatever your shape the most important thing is that you keep this classic item crisp, ironed and whiter than white! If your favourite white shirt is starting to look a bit rough round the edges invest in a new one.

The choice between jeans and shorts is always a tough one, the last thing you want is to be the only guy freezing in shorts on an unexpectedly cool summer night. On the other hand, denim jeans can leave you feeling completely stifled. This is where the chinos come into their own. Khaki trousers may have suffered from a bit of a stigma in the past, but these days they've been reclaimed and anyone can feel comfortable in these comfortable trousers that can normally be worn to work too.

Purchase a good pair of sunglasses - Aviator glasses are particularly appealing, as they look good on most men. Not only do a good pair of sunglasses add that certain something to your summer look, they protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and may enable you to look years younger than you are by preventing unnecessary sun damage.

When most people are planning their summer wardrobe, one of the categories they often forget about is the clothes they'll wear when they go out at night. Shorts and flip-flops are great for hanging out at the beach or the pool, but they're hardly appropriate to wear to a restaurant or nightclub. To make sure you're prepared for all your nighttime fun, make sure to have a few nice sets of slacks and designer shirts on hand at all times.


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All of the guys on the pic look amazing. However I hardly could approve the combination between jacket and short pants, but what I know about fashion. Keep on rocking!