Tips and Ideas For Your Cheap Wedding | Great Ideas for Weddings on a Budget

On the contrary - storybook weddings are created from your dreams and you can bring your own storybook to life whether you've dreamed of a majestic celebration at the most prestigious venue you can find or you've dreamed of a romantic and intimate gathering; you are the writer and director of your dream and you can bring your fairy tale to life even with the court jester's checkbook.
A few debatable expenses are the drinks at the reception and accommodation for out-of-town members of the wedding party. Many people say that the groom's family is responsible for the drinks at the reception. For accommodation of the wedding party, it is common for the bride or groom's family to pay in order to alleviate the expense for them.

Although the round table is still a popular choice, some brides are looking towards square tables. Square tables are becoming quite trendy with brides and they provide more of an urban, sleek and modern feel. This is quite the option for brides such as myself. However, keep in mind that many couples have to rent square tables which can be an added expense to the budget.

Don't shop in the wedding department. It seems there is a surcharge on any dress once it's labeled as a bride's dress. Shop in the formal evening wear department or even look at prom dresses. The Christmas holidays and New Year's means the stores are packed with formal wear. Many of these dresses could be used as a breathtaking wedding gown.

The cost of a typical wedding cake can run in the thousands. However, you do not have to spend that much just to get that multilayered cake of your dreams. You can always order a beautiful medium-sized cake which you can both cut, and then purchase undecorated sheet cakes that can be served to the guests.

Now it's time to save the big bucks! Most brides spend a lot of energy trying to get discounted wedding products and services. These are of course important to successfully planning a wedding on a budget. However, discounted wedding products and services are often not enough to help you achieve your dream wedding within your budget. In addition to discounted products and services, you should follow strategies that will produce FREE wedding products and services for your wedding.

A good way to decrease the cost of the reception flowers and decorations is to cover the guest chairs with chair covers. Doing this one simple thing provides a dramatic touch of elegance to any wedding of any size. Consider the talent within your family before spending a lot on musicians for the ceremony and the reception. A lot of couples use recorded music and there are plenty advantages to using it such as cost and consistent quality.

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