Best Beaches near Alexandria | Popular Beaches In Alexandria

Egypt is one of the most ancient places best suitable for spending vacations and enjoying. The pyramids of Egypt are famous for its history and also to the location of many of the movies. The geographical attribute of Egypt include the Red Sea which is the source for many of the finest beaches in Egypt.
Beach holidays to Alexandria can be quite enjoyable as well. You may have to search a bit to find free public beaches or you can book all inclusive holidays through resorts that have their own private beaches for your sand and surf pleasure. Diving, swimming, sunbathing, wind surfing, and skiing are also enjoyed in this area.

Dahab, located on the Red Sea near the Sinai mountains is a unique and beautiful destination for the diver and any other traveler seeking an Egypt beach holiday. The Canyon and Blue Hole are world famous dive spots near Dahab for experienced divers who are able to dive to great depths and explore the many underwater caves.

Alexandria is not lacking in cultural attractions: The Citadel of Qaitbay, for instance, is a gorgeous structure which was erected to protect the city from crusaders who came by sea to attack Alexandria. The views are outstanding. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, feel free to gawk at the Royal Jewelry Museum, or embark on a scenic cruise of the Nile.

The coast line that Alexandria enjoys works wonders for not just providing her with important routes to carry out activities of trade with the rest of the world but also provide her with some of the most amazing beaches.

Even in winter, the city remains warm and pleasant from a climatic point of view, although the sea is considered too cold for many to swim in. That's not a problem, of course, if you just want to see the city and its history. In the summer, it is hot and humid but, crucially, cooler than Cairo.

At around 25m tall, and with a circumference of 9m, Pompey's Pillar is one of the largest monuments you will see on your holidays in Egypt. Built in honour of the Emperor Diocletain, it is magnificently carved from Red Aswan granite.

The Egyptian sunshine and soaring temperatures may mean you don't want to spend all your time exploring the local history or culture. You will find plenty of places to relax on Alexandria's Corniche, including some beautiful white sand beaches ideal for sunbathing and water sports.