Easy Ways To Back Up Your Computer

The data on your computer is getting more important to back up every day. Rising values in audio, video, and important documents are causing concern for every day computer users.The fact is, nearly 90 percent of Internet users would be "greatly inconvenienced" if they lost files on their computers-but only 6 percent protect them with daily backup.

Back up your files in CDs and DVDs. One of the best ways to store your files is copying them into CDs and DVDs for storage. You can then categorize and store them by file type. You can also label them for easy identification. If you are storing your favorite movies or games, you can also print and label your CDs or DVDs to make it more identifiable.

Another way to backup your files is by using an external hard drive. Yes, an external hard drive often costs a decent amount of money but it is much less bulkier than having tons of CDs or DVDs to store. An external hard drive will easily store all of your files safely and because it's portable, you can take it anywhere.

A solution for how to backup files is growing in popularity among home users as well as office IT managers and that solution is online backup. This relatively new method of file backup is done online with a company that is physically miles away, yet the data is always available at the touch of a few keystrokes.

Media Backup - Floppy disks, key drives, zip drives, CD's, and DVD's are just a few methods of backing up your information to a media platform. These methods are cheap but provide no daily backup support and can easily be lost, stolen, or damaged.

Dropbox is a program that can securely store your files online and let you access them from your computer, laptop, or smart phone as long as you have an internet connection. You simply drop important files into your Dropbox and you're done. You can then access these files from just about anywhere. You can sign up for a free 2GB Dropbox account at http://www.dropbox.com. The website features a quick video explaining how the program works and how it can help you.