How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy | Helpful Tips To Keep Your Girl Friend Happy

Now that you are involved with a woman and you believe she is the love of your life, now your asking yourself how to make your girlfriend happy. At this point in the relationship we all work at it to make it the best it can be, and so we do not lose the love of our woman.

One more thing to think about in how to make your girlfriend happy is not hound her about things that happen in the relationship. Women do not like men that hound them about every little thing just to start something.

One of the main killers of relationships is that they get stale after a while. You get comfortable with each other and you tend to take things for granted. Surprise her with flowers at work; take her to her favorite restaurant on a Tuesday night for no reason at all, be spontaneous

One of the best ways to make her happy is to cook for her. I am sure that 99% of girls love it if their partner cooks for them. Go out and buy a recipe book or search for one on the Internet and surprise her with some good food. This will show that you are a gentleman and a "man".

You need to try and make her laugh. When asked what they like in a man , women always rate having a good sense of humor. Women like men who make them laugh, you do not need to be a stand up comic but laughing together is very important in any relationship.

Keep dating the woman if you start to see "must have" qualities in her.  You never know, she could be the love of your life.  Also, keep your eyes open for the traits you want to avoid and stop seeing girls that exhibit these qualities.  This will save you so much time and spare you so much drama.  I can't recommend this enough.

Let her go out with her friends and curb your jealousy a little bit -trust is one of the major ingredients of a healthy relationship. Support her in her passions and let her grow. Treasure your individuality you will learn to love each other more.Always make sure you do the little things. There are so many things you can do to show her you care. An unexpected phone call to let her know you're thinking about her. Take her out for a day of shopping or a picnic lunch you prepared.

Surprises are a good thing and never fail to win over a girl -and they never fail to make your girlfriend happy every once in a while. Surprises are considered very romantic -it's like expressing all romance, sweetness, thoughtfulness and excitement all in one single action.