How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals | Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Setting goals of any kind is a valuable process. Self-help experts would say it's a very powerful process. However, it's not automatic. It has to be done right. A goal that you don't really believe in is not going to get you anywhere.

The problem with this cycle of going from really wanting to get into shape and being consistent with an exercise program to losing motivation and being less active is that you have missed the big picture of why you should exercise in the first place, and the "yo-yoing" has probably led to a few extra pounds.

Eating on the run as you race to pick up the kids from soccer practice or shop for weekly groceries becomes a common habit for those who feel they cannot take the time to prepare a well-balanced meal.

To get started try tracking your progress throughout the first couple of weeks of your new workout routine. Once you see what your body can handle you can slightly increase the level of resistance, giving yourself a stretch goal to shoot for. It may take you a few weeks to get there but once you do you will feel like you are really making progress.

When creating a goal you must consider several things. One of them being time and reality; goals set must be realistic enough to be met within the time limit you have. To help with this, you can break your goal down into target points.

Some people don't have a problem with unrealistic fitness goals. Their problem is that they don't have specific deadlines for the realistic goals that they already have. In our example above, we broke down out ultimate goal into yearly, monthly, and weekly mini goals. Having these milestones will ensure that we are on track to reaching our ultimate goal of 100lbs.

Training programmes provide a healthy way to build muscle. The results are beneficial to your health. Your healthy, amazing body is worth all of the hard work you put into it. Weight training is something that you can do alone or with friends and the variety is endless. Have fun with your training.

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