Signs That Tell You Your Girlfriend Is Bored With You

Your cheating girlfriend starts to lie about her daily activities. There are definite differences in what she tells you one day and what she tells you the next day. She might be finding it confusing to cover her tracks from all angles.

Small changes in your girlfriend's behavior can go right over your head without notice. Many times after a breakup a guy will look back and say I should have seen it coming. The reason men get blindsided so often is the tendency to accept changes in their girlfriend's behavior as just the way women are.

When women want to break up, they would completely cut off from the relationship. This would mean, no phone calls, no emails, no sms, no nothing. One final full stop. However, if she agrees to stay in touch - to be just friends - read this as good news.

ou may have been in a string of relationships after your breakup but your ex remains perpetually single. Well, she may be a little picky this time but there's also a big possibility she's still clinging on to you, hoping you'd get back together some day.

Pay special attention to whether she does things to make your life easier. When a woman is in love she wants to do everything in her power to help her man. That may be something as simple as bringing you over dinner once in a while or she may help you work out a schedule for something you've been struggling with at the office.

People often get angry out of suppressed guilt. Women are no different. Be careful as soon as you realize she is always finding something wrong with what you are doing. She could be trying to justify her actions by finding fault with you.

You can also tell whether or not she is cheating by studying the way she does when she is around you and try to see whether there has been any change in the way she used to behave. For instance, try to notice whether she is now happier than she used to be or whether she still hugs you and kisses you the way she used to.

Frequent fights and disagreements over issues that are really not all that important can also be seen as a red flag. When a relationship starts to become more rocky, it is possible that she is just looking for a fall out.