Sexy lingerie Tips

Sexy lingerie is one of the best ways to make your wife (or girlfriend) feel super attractive.Before you rush out to buy her sexy lingerie, make sure you know exactly what her proportions are.With summer coming, sheer fabrics are the perfect material to use since they are light and will keep you cool all day long. You can mix it up with a solid cami underneath or just let your wild side ride.Any woman would love a pair of fishnet stockings to jazz up a really good outfit. Even black stockings come in a variety of different styles.

You must NOT be pressured into it, or the experience will fail to bring you the pleasure and good memories you expect and deserve. You are in charge of your life and body. You must really feel ready for it.

Black is one of the most popular colors of Leather Lingerie. Black seems to empower women in to feeling like they are in control, this is why it is so sought after for sexual and foreplay activities.

Some Lingerie shops carry this stuff, some don't a good on-line source for this stuff can be found at the source of this article. Thats also a great source for lingerie.

Sexy lingerie is used to be considered to work more on men, but nowadays women love to see their partners in sexy lingerie, too. My suggestion is buy some sexy lingerie for men without telling her and put it on before she start to take off your last piece of clothes.


kev said…
You're right a man should be very careful when he's buying sexy lingerie for our girls because if you miss the measure you won't get the bonus and usually we do this very nice gesture to get that bonus:))