Stages of Committed Relationships - Understanding Loving Relationship Stages

Let us talk about the stages of relationships to start with. You may have noticed that the above title is backwards. The proper stages of relationships that you should follow are Understanding Men, Love, and then perhaps Marriage.

When two people first meet and fall in love it's like all the fun of the fair and then some! As human beings we are "programmed" by nature to look for a mate, we are social animals, happiest in our family groups surrounded by people we love and who love us.

The important thing to realise in the power struggle stage is that both partners are competing to see who will meet the emotional needs of the other. We chose our partner because we believed they would take care of our unmet needs from childhood and now we find that, not only do they fail to do this, but they have exactly the same needs as us.Men, no matter how tough they may appear, have their share of doubts and insecurities when it comes to relationships.

Revelations happen during this stage and things could get nasty. It's the time when you both start to show your differences and adjust to them. Most couples can't get through this stage, because they become delusional and disappointed when problems or issues begin to surface and they can't do much about it.

Feeling rejected is one of the saddest emotions we can have. Especially when we have shown and felt very strong love for another person and the relationship is failing. We ourselves, feel like failures. We may questions what we may have done wrong. We may struggle to think of a way to make the person care for us.

When this happens, it is a natural instinct to question the other person in the relationship, try to learn why they are causing us to feel rejected and attempt to correct the problem. While counseling may work for specific relationship problems, this will only have a possibility of effectiveness if both partners wish to remain in the relationship.

Many couples decide to make a formal or public commitment to each other in this stage (such as marriage) to demonstrate their intention to continue their relationship. This is the stage in which your relationship becomes a true partnership.