Top Reasons Why Sex With Your Ex Is A Bad Idea

After a breakup, it is natural to miss your ex, and want to try to do things to go about patching up the relationship and giving things a second chance, but sex with your ex is the least effective way to go about actually getting your ex back. 

When you want to rebuild a broken relationship, it cannot be done on the basis of sex, and if you resort to sex with your ex, your relationship will be purely physical - this is the last thing that you want.

Sex with your ex will confuse you and prevent you from moving on with your life. Besides the possible emotional effects, consider the fact that your ex has been single for a while and may have had sex with someone else, no matter what he/she tells you. Sex with an ex is more complicated--and possibly more dangerous to your health--than you might have thought.

If all your ex wants from you is getting physical and have sex, you are better off without them. Love is more than sex between two people. It should be based on a warm relationship, and not on sex. Do not settle for a relationship that is based on the shaky foundation of sex.Your legs raw from twitching they finally arrive. In a mad haze to rip each other's clothes off, there is little or no thought given to consequences. Your itch is about to be scratched hopefully they will sleep over as an added bonus.

If you're having sex with the ex in the hopes of getting back together, you're making a terrible mistake. You're basically giving away one of the best things in a relationship for no sense of commitment on their part. This is just a temporary set-up and soon you will be stranded once they meet someone for whom they'll become passionate for.
It can be difficult to deal with emotionally. When you are divorced you no longer have the same emotional relationship with your ex. If the sex is the only part of your relationship that is still alive, you may be left feeling empty when the physical part is over and he once again leaves you.