Using Exercise As A Natural Insomnia Cure | Best Workouts That Cure Insomnia

First, although exercise initially raises the level of stress hormones in the body, these fall within a few hours not simply back to their original level but to a level below that seen before exercising. As a result, regular exercise a few hours before bedtime can quickly break the sleep-stress cycle.
Once you get a good idea, think about it often until it cements itself in your memory banks so that it will be available again when you need it. This is as true about getting out of insomnia as in accomplishing any other task in life.Next technique is to perform some deep breathing exercises, which involve chest, lower abdomen, lower back and ribcage. By inhaling fully and deeply, your parasympathetic nervous system that controls relaxation will get affected, resulting in comfort and sleep.

The dinner should be taken well before going to bed, this way enough time is given so that the food is digested and it doesn't cause any sleeping problems. Some of the common things and daily habits such as sleeping in bright light, reading or working while in bed need to be strictly avoided. The time of sleep also has to be fixed.

There are plenty of the over-the-counter medicines that can successfully treat this disease. Nonetheless, a good majority of people still prefer to go for the herbal treatment for insomnia because they feel it has fewer side effects.The best cures suggested for Insomnia come from herbal remedies and yogic exercises. It is advised to spray some lavender drops on your pillow or your forehead as it is considered ideal to induce sound sleep.

Besides music and breath control, a whole array of herbs and spices exist that induce a peaceful state of mind. Herbs like lavender and jasmine have a soothing effect at the level of the central nervous system. Jasmine, an herb of Asian origin, has a very pleasant scent that can be used either to prepare an incredibly tasty tea or put into a hot bath

Stress and anxiety cause sleeplessness. If you keep worrying about something, then your sleep will get affected. Try to relieve stress and anxiety by performing some exercises. Try deep breathing using your abdomen.

A common misconception is that when you lose your sleep it's best to avoid exercising because you need a good form to perform. That's utter nonsense. I'm not asking you to engage in some high-intensity exercises. If you can't sleep well the night before, then all the more you should exercise, but stick to simple, low-intensity cardio exercises.

Valerian tea and liquid extracts are available in the market and tea can be prepared at home by using the herb in raw form and consuming it an hour before bedtime. Kava roots are also good natural remedy for insomnia and particularly for anxiety related insomnia.