Various Eating Disorders | Different Types of Eating Disorders

Eating is essential to live but life is not for eating. Eating has much influence on personality and health. But, eating disorder unbalance patient's diet some time it is over and sometime patient avoids to eat. Eating disorder refers to the overlapping condition in eating which can be treated as patient's abnormal behavior towards daily eating schedule with numerous forms of conventional psychopathology.
There are a number of reasons why someone would have an eating disorder, but the main reasons of eating disorder are usually about trauma and societal pressure. If you feel bad, you want to find a way to make yourself feel better. Young people don't all have readily available access to alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes.

There are a great many different types of eating disorders that people suffer from, and it's not just Anorexia Nervosa that people must be aware of. Whilst perhaps it is one of the most serious eating disorders, Bulimia Nervosa is another eating disorder, which can be just as dangerous.

So firstly lets discuss about various eating disorders:

The most popular eating disorder is anorexia as mentioned above, which is the extreme restriction of calorie intake. Most people see this as someone starving themselves. People who are anorexic usually have a daily calorie limit that is well below the recommended amount. Anorexics will lie and hide food to avoid detection.

Pica refers to the appetite or craving of non-nutritive substances. It may include wanting to eat hair, metals, soap, mucus, or other non-edible things. The condition is common among pregnant women due to the changes in their hormone levels. The normal eating returns when their body has adapted to it.

Binge: In this disorder, people generally eat uncontrollably, without feeling any guilt or shame for doing so. Similar to bulimia, but in this case, there is no feeling of guilt while overeating.This disorder can be easily cured by taking up psychotherapy as an important treatment for it.

Rumination Syndrome is not very common and very rarely diagnosed chronic eating disorder. Patients normally feel vomiting after eating the food. Rumination syndrome verily misdiagnosed as bulimia nervosa by the doctors, it is because of lack of awareness about the disorders.There are many dangers of eating disorders and they can lead to even worse health problems.

If an eating disorder reaches a critical stage a person can die from their body shutting down. Eating disorder treatment can prevent an individual from having to suffer from the consequences and negative cycle of an eating disorder.Bulimia is an eating disorder that happens when a person eats a lot of food within a short amount of time. Then the individual fears weight gains so they attempt to purge themselves of the food.

A person with eating disorders often struggles with deep mental conflicts which make a recovery difficult. Treating an eating disorder means treating false beliefs and finding reasons for this behavior in the mentality of the patient. Many are ashamed to admit that they are suffering from an eating disorder.

Doctors usually prescribe SSRIs and other antidepressants for their patients with an eating disorder. However, there are some studies which show that there are certain types of this type of medication which can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or attempts among patients.


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