Dealing with Negative Emotions in a Positive Way | How to Deal With Negative Emotions

Negative emotions sap your energy and undermine your effectiveness. In the negative emotional state, you find the lack of desire to do anything. The mind is filled with thoughts of fear, doubts and insecurities. Your body experiences fatigue, tightness and muscle tension.

The challenge many people face when it comes to unhappy emotions is not wanting to feel them at all, like they are the worst thing ever. Maybe you believe negative feelings are bad, or you can't bear to feel them, or that you are weak, or not a good person if you experience them.

First, you need to figure out the root cause of your emotions. Ask yourself why you are feeling that way. What event took place that triggered such emotion? Did he say something that made you feel bad or jealous

The first step to dealing with this, is awareness and mindfulness. You have to be aware of the emotion in the first place and find its root cause. Mindfulness can be the tool to recognizing the power of awareness and allowing the positive energy to induce the positive changes that are necessary.

The same energy can go in two different directions (north or south); negative or positive. Passion can serve the purpose of destruction or intense bonding. By the way, love making after a fight is a bad idea if one or both spouses are into denial and not resolving conflict. Great idea, if they are good at conflict resolution!

When you are in the peak of your anger, try to control it and never decide on anything. Deciding on certain situations when you are in the peak of your negative emotions, may complicate the issue more. Make the proper move and never rush on doing things because it may just come from the anger emotion you are feeling. Always make the right and proper move.

People with high self-esteem listen to their emotions without ignoring them. They do not equate feeling bad with being bad. People with high self-esteem learn from their negative emotions and take active steps to make themselves feel better (for example by making sure that they get their unfulfilled needs met).

Some times you may simply feel bad without being able to identify exactly what emotion it is that you are feeling. You may have a lot of different thoughts racing around in your head or you may feel completely empty. In such cases I recommend the emotional writing technique which basically is to simply take a pen and paper and write down whatever comes to you.

Jealousy has its roots in our natural desire to preserve what we have and keep things and people that we think belong to us. Jealousy in certain doses can actually add some spice to your marriage and keep the tension alive that is needed. However when it gets too strong jealousy becomes destructive.

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