Find the Perfect Boarding School for Your Child | How to Find the Perfect Boarding School

People send their children to boarding institution for many reasons. The parents may need to travel a lot, making boarding school environment a better alternative to leaving the children at home or with a relative. Some children fare better in a boarding institutional environment than they did in a traditional public school because class sizes are smaller, programs are more varied, and more accommodations are made for children who have other needs.

There are only two schools, for example, that admit students as young as the second grade; The Golden Tree Academy in Pennsylvania and the Oakland School in Virginia. It's not usual for schools in the US to admit young students, although it's a common practice for other countries, particularly in the UK.

Hotchkiss School (Connecticut)- This is an independent, coeducational college preparatory school which was founded in 1891. The school's teacher to student ratio is also low at 1:6 and the average class size is 12. The yearly tuition fee for boarding students in this school is pegged at around $41,885.

Another benefit of these schools is its promotion of solid friendships among students. Because they will be staying in a dormitory, they have no choice but to deal with each other every day. Friendships are a natural consequence of a scenario like this one. Furthermore, the young ones will have more opportunities to develop their social skills because in this school, they will be working closely with fellow students, teachers and other school staff and they will usually have no way to go but to make their relationships harmonious.

Boarding schools for boys usually accept students from 9th to 12th grade, but a few do take on younger students. For example, Linden Hill School in MA accepts boys from the third to ninth grade. Hillside School in MA also accepts students as young as fifth grade, and Cardigan Mountain School in NH accepts students in sixth grade.

A coeducational boarding school for students grades 9 to 12 which focuses on athletics. This specialist school has a very good record of producing fine athletes while also making sure they get high scores in placement exams and get admitted to the best colleges in the country.

Parents who send their children off to residential boarding schools for teenagers do so because they are tired of raising their children and do not want to be burdened by them anymore. In effect, parents are giving up their right to become authority figures in their children's lives when they send them away from home.

Boarding schools are a huge investment of time and money, so it's important to compare all the costs and make sure it is something you can afford. Some boarding schools require uniforms and additional supplies so make sure to do your research in that area as well.

Girls thrive better in an environment without male classmates because girls learn better when they cooperate and collaborate instead of compete for attention with boys. Boys have different needs than girls and are typically more difficult to manage. In a public school setting, it's not unusual for teachers' attentions to be drawn more towards boys.


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