Fresh Wedding Makeup Ideas | Trends of Summer Bridal Makeup for 2011

Choosing the cosmetics for your wedding is likely to come way down on your to-do list after choosing your wedding dress, veil, hairstyle, modern or vintage bridal jewelry, and so on. That said, everyone will be looking at the bride's face, so makeup is really quite important. The key is to select the colors and style that suit your complexion and the overall flavor of your wedding attire and location.

The basis of any makeup look is the skin. A brides skin needs to glow and look fresh and dewy. Layers of caked on makeup certainly don't achieve this. The best results for bridal foundation come from using an airbrush. While they may have seemed like fandangle machines ten years ago, today airbrushes are becoming the mainstream for special and even every day makeup looks.

Determine how you would do this look and start buying the makeup and other materials that you would need. Read makeup articles and find tips on how to do your own makeup. A makeup primer is essential before putting on foundation because this gives the foundation something to cling to so it can last for a long time.

Many brides-to-be also want to have complete control over their makeup look and choose to do it themselves, this is entirely up to the bride, however if you are doing your own makeup, its best to look at a large number of Wedding Makeup Looks and study the techniques and tricks used to achieve the look you want.

Keep the eyeshadow natural and defined. A nice golden brown works well on most people. Use good quality brushes to help blend the eyeshadow out, which gives that professional blended look. Use an eyelid primer before your eyeshadow to make it last the day. Use a black eyeliner on the top for a dramatic look.

Wedding makeup for eyes will need to be heavier than normal primarily so that they stand out in the photographs. This does not mean however that you need to go goth-black on the big day! Knowing where to apply the makeup is a key point. The camera captures the light on the brow-bone, the centre of the eyelid and the corner of the eye, so putting a light shimmer on these areas will help make the eyes pop and really stand out. Using darker shades in the crease and the corner will also accentuate this.

Your dress, your hairstyle and the time of your wedding should all be factors in your makeup choice. If you are having a retro-50's inspired wedding, a focus on your lips ( and your hips) may be in order. A daytime, out door wedding might call for a light, fresh, rosy glow, while an evening ceremony might inspire a sexier, smoky-eyed stare.

After washing your face, use a moisturizer. This is one of the best skin care tip you can get. Look for a tinted moisturizer with sun screen in the morning. Since it is pure moisturizer, you don't have to worry if doesn't match you're skin town. As a matter of fact you can even choose a deeper color to give your skin a warm and sun kissed glow.

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