How to Flirt With a Girl - Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting is a difficult art. Getting hold of some good flirting tips can help you find the right sort of guy. Often girls find it difficult to flirt with guys as they don't want to be the one who makes the first move. Flirting etiquette is dictated by certain unwritten rules. Here are some tried and tested flirting tips for girls.

Girls are expected to always look beautiful. Making the right impression from the start is crucial, and for this you will need to make dressing well your second nature. You don't need expensive designer clothing for that. What you basically need is excellently tailored clothes, which accentuate the right places on your body.

Confidence would always be a factor to consider before you can actually flirt. It takes an amount of self-assurance and security before you can make eye contact, strike a conversation and make a girl know you're interested.

Here's an example. One of my students had a gap in his front teeth. We came up with an idea, which he used to approach a woman at an art show. This is what he did. He went up to a beautiful woman and struck up a conversation about the sculpture she was looking at. Then he said to her, "I love your hair but I don't date smokers."

Shyness will always be part of the human emotion, whether you like it or not. It will always be a hurdle you must overcome before fulfilling your objective. In knowing how to flirt with guys, you must always remember that shyness is the product of low self-esteem. Therefore it is important for you to be confident in what you do and how you go about doing it.

It is a good idea to start small. First, instead of jumping right into flirting, look for ways to make friends or even acquaintances with the opposite sex. This will give you the opportunity to feel more comfortable talking to women in general.

Girls do not like to be alone most of the time. So it is best to walk her home or to the bus stop. Make them feel special - if they sneeze, provide a tissue. These are some sweet things you can do for shy girls. You will instantly be a magnet to her. Lastly, before she left, ask for her contact number so that you can keep in touch with her.

The more you look calm and in control, the more girls will get attracted to you like a magnet. No one wants to hang out with Mr. Grumpy. They want a laid-back cool dude who is open and up for anything. Be sociable and friendly --- minus the stress. Learn how to have a great time

You have to understand that it's part of the game. By experiencing it, overtime, you will get to that point of being confident regardless of the result because you know that it was her problem, not yours. You are perfect and special, she just wasn't ready to accept you into her life at this time.