How to Turn Your Life From Negative to Positive

You may have noticed that you practice negative self-talk. This is common and so you are not alone. But, this type of negative conversation can hold you back from achieving the life you want. These types of thought are on autopilot and have been with us for so long they feel like family.

First, you must be healthy as part of the process of becoming positive. When you are healthy your mind will be ready to make the change more readily. If you are stressed, tired, and lethargic or have a lot on your mind you will find it difficult to be positive. You must try your best to improve your self esteem.

POSITIVE ENERGY is nearly the same as NEGATIVE ENERGY (emotions). Both are just focused in different directions. Got it? The "car" is the same, except you can go south or north. If you go north you will end up in San Francisco, if you go south you will end up in San Diego.

Volumes of books are written about the advantages of positive thoughts which equate to positive energy. There is as much information on the internet. Positive thinking is not a new concept. Positive energy gives you the necessary forces for a fulfilling life- vim, vigor and vitality.

Just by looking at it you'll realize that there are still things that you need to be thankful for, and sometimes these are more overwhelming that those bad things that you let go of. This will give you the realization that whatever happens, life is still good and that there is always something to look forward to.

On the other hand, you might choose to decide that "Well, I've been laid off but I believe that there's at least three other companies out there who desperately need my services, and you know what, they'll probably pay me more than what I've been getting from the company that's just made me redundant".

When negative thoughts creep into your head, acknowledge them for what they are. Explore all facets of the negative thoughts, as you may be able to learn from them. Perhaps the negative thoughts are providing an opportunity to identify and explore possible solutions to an issue or problem. We often learn most from experiencing and working through negative situations or perceived failures.

You need to energetically wrap this situation in your positive vibes, expect a great outcome, change the way you may have always looked at things and understand that by giving positive energy to a once negative situation will bring about changes for the best.