How to Wear a Garter Belt With Straps

What are garter belts anyway and what function do they have? In case you do not know what stockings are (hard to believe, though), here it is: A stocking, sometimes referred to as hose, is a close-fitting, elastic garment covering the foot and most part of the leg.

Gently put your stockings on. Sit down, hold the stockings with your thumb inside and roll each leg all the way down to the toe. Stretch the material slightly and unroll the leg of the stockings gently up the leg.

Some ladies attach the stockings to the suspender belt before stepping into both of them, but in reality it's much easier to start by putting the stockings on and pulling them up until the tops reach the upper part of your thigh. Make sure both stockings are at a similar length.

They have either four or six straps with metal clasps at their ends to clip to the top of your stockings. Use a garter belt with six straps. That will try to hold the stocking more tightly if you are wearing seamed stockings, thus creating a straight line with the back seam. Briefs are normally worn on top of the garter belt just for convenience.

Stockings, like tights, are classified in denier and are made of a nylon and Lycra blend. But rather than covering both legs, you have one stocking for each leg that cuts off at the thigh. In order to hold them up you use a garter belt with suspenders that is attached around the waist.

A baby doll set encompasses a large category of lingerie items. Basically it's a two piece set, consisting of a robe or loose billowy top and matching bottom. The top is always loose fitting and comes in just below the bust line, like an empire bodice.

You can blend and match the color of the stockings with your skin color or the dress you are wearing. The shimmering and trendy designs are mostly welcomed. There are pantyhose styles, above the knee style and short knee type, which are all very beautiful and durable.

Our generation has grown up being taught that pantyhose are better than garter belts and stockings. Popular thought is that the garter belt is difficult to use and that it's hard to attach to the stockings. Perpetuated by the pantyhose manufacturing industry through years of advertising and commercials, women have been raised to believe these myths.

A plus size garter belt can also be attached to different sexy stockings, which further enhance the sensual appeal of a woman. Wearing a garter belt is a must for every woman with a plus size to enhance her WOW factor. You should not hesitate to adorn this piece of priceless lingerie to give a new sexual definition to your body getting back your old memories.