How To Create A New Circle In Google+ | Steps For Create New Circle In Google Plus

The Google+ social networking platform is live. Somewhat, it is only allowing a few people to test drive the platform but for how long Google is not saying.One can develop a circle for just family members, and another circle for just friends as an example.

Now, if you wish to post a comment that is only "family" related, Google gives you the option of which circle(s) can view that specific post. You can create several different circles. Some suggestions besides friends and family are; professional contacts, co-workers, clients, school contacts and the list can go on.

Google+ looks really nice. It offers a clean, streamlined, simple interface that makes Facebook with all its ads and apps look like MySpace by comparison. If you use other Google products regularly (Gmail, Documents, Reader, etc.), the look and feel of Plus will be very familiar. Other elements are now part and parcel of any social media network: status updates, posting pictures and videos, editing your profile, etc.

You probably only want to share updates concerning your latest releases, videos, and press content with industry folk who may be following you as they are less concerned about the burrito you just consumed.

Brands can also take advantage of this feature by grouping their followers to interact more meaningfully with each of them. This would mean a better interaction with each group as you get to address each of their concerns more appropriately.

You can learn from your friends in your Google circle. I see little bits and pieces of things every day of people posting little bits of information that go "oh", that's a good thing, I could use that over here, or I could use that over there. When you keep your eyes open and you're reading the different things that the people in your circles have posted then it's just an absolute gold mine of information.

Overall Google+ is a solid product with its own unique features, but I guess it will take time for people to switch from Facebook and Twitter. Google definitely needs to come up with more exciting services which will make people switch and make it their main source of socializing online. Google+ is definitely well designed and user friendly and I expect a lot of pretty incredible stuff in near future.