How To Remove Wrinkles From A Silk Dress - Ways to Remove Wrinkles from Silk Dresses

Silk is very delicate so if you get a spot on your silk necktie, you can't just throw it in the washing machine. They also are not made to be dry cleaned. The following are some ways to care for your silk necktie and also try to remove a stain from it if necessary.

Never hand wash velvet, silk, or rayon crepe. These materials should always be dry cleaned, if it is necessary to clean them, although older silk garments (particularly structured silk) can be easily shredded by the intense heat and harsh chemicals used by the dry cleaners.

First, smoothen and straighten your tie after taking it off. Remove wrinkles on the surface by placing a steam iron above the tie. Make sure that the iron does not touch the tie's surface. Maintain a distance of one to two inches between the fabric and the steam.

If simply hanging a necktie is not enough to remove any visible wrinkles, a second option is to try rolling the tie firmly within a long piece of fabric, such as a bath towel. Stretching the tie like this for a couple of days will hopefully bring back the tie's original shape.

A steamer really should be the last resort. If you are using a garment steamer, be sure to hold the steamer at least 6 inches away to avoid melting delicate items or creating water stains. Steamers should not be used on raw silk because water stains will appear and yellow the fabric.

Vintage silk can be damaged by dirt that is trapped within the folds of the garment or any exposure to light, heat, and dust. Some of the damages by the stains may not be recovered and can tear during cleaning. Use caution while following the steps below to clean vintage silk.

When storing them, silk neckties are best hanged individually but if it's unavoidable, for example, when keeping them inside your travel luggage or drawer, you can also gently fold them. Either way, make sure you move them from time to time to avoid creasing too. Fold them gently.On wrinkle resistance fabrics crush it in your hand and release. Now, do the wrinkles fall out quickly? If they don't the garment will look like it was not pressed. so, high natural fiber content will wrinkle more.

Decoration can make a plain item look really special. There's no need to be put off an item because it has sequins, beads, lace, buckles or buttons but do just think about how you will care for the garment so it continues to look good on you.