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Poor people are suffering from so many diseases. They haven't enough resources for treatment. This is the reason that Pakistan is ranked 135th out of 194 countries in the Index of Life Expectancy at the time of Birth. In Pakistan the life

Expectancy rate at the time of Birth is very low i.e. 65 years. Whereas, in western countries it is 80+ years i.e. Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Iceland etc

Child abuse can be defined as intended or unintended harm to a child by another person who may be parents, relatives or guardians. There are four major categories which are physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

In order to discover for myself whether this could be true, I asked several female friends how their births had started. Those who responded with "the water breaking" were then asked the date of the birth. On checking this against a moon phase chart, I discovered that almost all had given birth on, or very close to, a full moon.

Emotional abuse - emotional abuse can damage a child's mental health and social development, leading to scars which he/she can never forget. While some kids are very sensitive and can be affected very soon, the results of abuse in other children will not be visible very soon. Here are some examples of emotional abuse in children.

A lot of the time problems at home or within a family are stressors for child abuse. Parents or guardians that have trouble abusing drugs often and easily cause harm to their children, as well as parents that have money troubles.

Emotional child abuse includes all of the acts that can cause emotional disorder and serious cognitive and behavioral problems. It also includes terrorizing or threatening a child. When a person yells at them or bully them, their behavior can be affected. When parents always argue and yell at each other, the child may also suffer from mental and emotional abuse.

Low Self Esteem. If the child walks with his head down, does not mingle with other kids or gets insecure with others, he may feel that he is not worthy because he us being beaten up and abused by someone around him.

Neglect is another abuse commonly committed by third-world parents because of hardship, lack of education and mostly because the parents did not plan the birth of the child. Physical abuse is when a parent or anybody physically hurts the child. Most cases of physical abuse are done by close relatives. Sexual abuse is the most monstrous type of child abuse wherein it will leave the child distrustful of her family.