How To Simplify Your Life | Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

Simplification is the answer when wanting to align our dreams with our family's everyday experience. I always say that if we want to make room for a shift in the dynamics of our family, if we want a different or even better experience, then we have to create the space for it, and the way to do this is to first simplify the main location where most family experiences take place - the home.

An average human being, in his lifetime, has 5 to 7 identities going on. Not split personalities, but identities. For example, I am a Student, a Son, a Father, a Businessman, a Teacher, an Author and a Servant.

Another way to simplify your life and get rid of clutter is to make a place that is your own private sanctuary. Make a place where you can find peace and solitude. It may be your bedroom, a patio or maybe in the bathroom where you can lock the door and turn up the music so you can't hear little hands pounding on the door asking you what you are doing. Set aside a few minutes every day to sit, relax,

Think about how your life would change if you made an effort to be more productive with the time you have. Unfortunately, thinking isn't going to make it happen. At times, planning and thinking can be even more exhausting than the actual action. If you want to simplify your life, it's best to become as productive with your time as possible.

Realize that most of the clutter is not junk. Each and every thing that you have in your home got there because at one point you felt it was a necessity. It may have been an impulse purchase that you later discovered was the wrong color or it didn't meet your needs. Many items will also have passed their usefulness or expiration date.

For instance let's say you have a goal of being a sports superstar, to get there you will need to simplify your life so that all your energy is going into building your fitness so you can perform at your best. Your daily routine should be revolving around what is going to make that happen for you.


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