How To Divorce Proof Your Marriage - Tips To Make Your Marriage Divorce-Proof

Communication is a key in any good relationship especially marriage. You must agree in the beginning of your relationship that no matter how difficult circumstances may get or situations you may have to go through as a couple, divorce is not an option. That sets the stage that you must work through things and not keep them bottled up because forever is a long time.

Respect can be looking up to them or defending them because you think they are right. It can be a lot of different things to different people but the bottom line is you treat them like they matter. When you treat a spouse with respect you build them up.

Some married women have this bad habit of trying to use sex to control their husbands. This is a bad thing to do in a relationship where sex is supposed to be mutually desired by both partners. If you want to divorce proof your marriage, don't use sex as a tool to manipulate your husband.

Forgiveness is very important when it comes to marriage. Sometimes our husbands can hurt us emotionally in a way like no one else can. Maybe it's because we have given so much of our selves and we expect so much from them. But you must understand that your husband will disappoint you and even hurt you at times.

The trials and situation that you have been through are painful and might inflict deep pain in your heart but you should learn to forgive each other and then move forward hand in hand with your partner for a new journey that will set things right this time.

Put your spouse's interests ahead of yours. Do to others what you would like others to do unto you. For example make meals first to please them. Cook the way they like and what they like Not necessarily the way you like. Even if it means cooking two meals it is worth the effort to keep your marriage.

Leave love notes in unexpected places for your spouse to find. If possible, show up unexpectedly to have lunch together. Surprise them by doing a chore that your spouse dreads or doesn't have time to do. You will earn major points for that. Think of little ways that you can surprise your spouse and you will quickly see how this marriage self-help tip generates some positive and surprising attitude changes in you both.

Our grandparents would say, "Get off that sofa and get to work!" In our day we can do too many things that we convince ourselves are important but are really distractions - email, a little time relaxing in front of the TV, texting, Podcasts, Twitter, you name it.

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