How To Plan a Successful Family Reunion | Great Ways To Arrange A Successful Family Reunion

Arranging family reunion is important to make the relationship among family members to be better. However, it is not always easy to arrange gathering with all family since they must have been built their own family so that it will be difficult for you to know the family tree correctly.

One of the trickier tasks you'll face will be setting up and managing a budget. You need to be as careful as possible to include every possible family reunion expense in your budget. Then you need to decide what your sources of income will be.

Put together a family reunion jigsaw puzzle. You can have a puzzle made from your last family photo. At the reunion, you can have everyone gather to put it together, or you can have several puzzles made and divide into smaller groups to complete them. You could even have a puzzle contest, where the first group to complete the puzzle wins a door prize

Have a scavenger hunt. The family can divide up into several teams for this, with one or two members coordinating and overseeing it all. People of all ages love scavenger hunts, and everyone can participate in some way. You can make it more theme-oriented by having family members look for objects that have special meaning to the family, such as a napkin from the diner where Grandpa used to work, or a ticket stub from the movie theater where Mom and Dad had their first date.

Send out small 9 or 24 piece postcard puzzles as family reunion invitations. This is a novel and unique way to announce your family reunion to family members and something that they are not likely to forget. These postcard puzzles can be personalized for each family member and give details of the reunion location and date.

If your event is longer, or your family members aren't much for cooking, then you can make arrangements with restaurants, or bring in a local catering service to provide meals. No matter which option you choose for feeding your reunion participants, this will likely factor into the budget in a significant way.

Visit the Chamber of commerce of the city in which you're having your reunion to get branded items such as free key chains, free tote bags, free tours and tourist welcome packages for your attendees. You can also visit state universities to get free tours, attend free concerts, and see free plays.

Physical attraction is important in any relationship but it is not the only thing, as giving importance to physical attraction which soon wears off, then there will be nothing left to build upon. Moreover, in love marriages the couple wants more independence and freedom which can be a factor resulting in the couple drifting apart from their relatives and other family members.

You can also organize a funny dress-up competition, in which each team has to dress up in the funniest possible way. Then show a family movie, with some memories of each family member, to give an emotional and sentimental value to the reunion day. Apart from that, an evening pizza party, or a story hour for kids, can make them participate in and enjoy the day to its fullest.

Though you are family, there are sometimes things you don't know about each other. Make a questionnaire that you can give each member of your family to fill out. Ask such questions as what their favorite movies and TV shows are, what sports teams they live and die for. This is a great way to forge connections across time and distance.

Contact every family and get a batch of their favorite recipes both those that have been in the family for years, and the new ones that they've come up with. Once you have them all arrange them by type of dish along with short bios for each of the families, and you will have something that will be kept and used throughout the generations.