Learning Activities for Toddlers | Fun Educational Activities For Toddlers

The best way to entertain and teach your toddler daily is to use things around the house. This helps to build imagination and encourages creativity while you spend quality time together. Sometimes you can even get some things done around the house and your toddler will only think that you are playing.

It is really easy to implement daily lesson plans to your toddler. You can teach and entertain the child with common household items. Also, this can help with developing creativity in the child. In addition, this allows quality time between the parent and child. As well as, you can make chores fun for the toddler by making the work into a game.

Make cards for each letters and numbers. Tell him what are these letters and numbers and ask him to repeat what you say. After a while, let him identify the numbers and letters in his own. You can make a trip to the park more educational by pointing out different plants and objects. Your child will be able to learn about details this way because you will have pointed out items that the two of you pass each trip to the park. By pointing them out, you are teaching him to notice the small things and to be more observant.

Play classical music for your infant or toddler on a regular basis. In a controlled study, young children who listened to classical music outperformed those who had not listened to classical music.

Some ideas for the kinds of props to add to your toddler's block activity are: little people, small automobiles, doll house size furniture, paper rolls, small animals and trees, posters of buildings, fences, boats, and traffic signs.

The stars in the sky are bright, and if you can go through the above projects, and children are still fascinated, consider looking at the sky. The sky at midnight is an interesting thing to stare at, and alongside the above projects, this little outing can help you move forward with teaching kids the proper location of the stars in the sky above.

Have your toddler pick a letter for the day. Decide how many "things" you will hunt 5-10 usually works well. Then you go around your house and find the letter you are looking for in books, toys, fruits and veggies, clothes anything you can come up with. Collect the things in a pile, your toddler will love seeing the pile grow. Then have your toddler help you clean up.

It is good to keep these images and glue them to a piece of Bristol Board or construction paper, and then to laminate it. You can then cut them all out and save them in a box or envelope! This will make the images last for years so they may be used again and again in many different ways to teach children.

Dusting and cleaning can also be fun for toddlers. Give your child a damp cloth and go around seeing who can find the most dirt. Let them wipe the front of your appliances, tables, counter tops and other surfaces that need wiping down.Read More Articles For Toddlers On: Toddlers Book