Finding the Best Jewelry Boxes for Women | Fabulous Women's Jewelry Boxes

Women's bracelets that had little bells on them were quite popular with the people of the Dan and the We tribes. These were decorative bells and used when people had to dance. The married women of Fulani had uniquely styled gold earrings. These were sticks of gold that were beaten into crescent-shaped designs.

When women reach their golden years, the jewelry you choose should reflect their classic style. Try to stay away from flamboyant and garish pieces. Instead, choose timeless pieces like pearls and rhinestone jewelry. You can give them large, chunky jewelry and they will look as fashionable as ever.

To the flip top lid, you could include an etched mirror or a small ballerina with some soft music. Either option makes the box look and feel elegant when it is opened. A few of the drawers can include cup holders for earrings and finger rings, while the side doors can have hooks for chains.

There are boxes decorated with shells of different color and shapes. The long shells are neatly placed on top of the lid of the box in a circular design, and within the design a lovely pattern of a flower is filled with other types of shells. The colorful shells are very pleasant to look at.

Enamel boxes became a popular gifting item among aristocrats and the royals. In fact, they were used to hold small items of jewelry, snuff, and even some make up for women. To this day, they are popular as gifts among the royal class.

Leather makes an elegant presentation that wears well over the years. The coverings come in smooth leather or embossed to resemble exotic skins. When making a selection, consider the type of jewelry to be stored. If used for silver or other metals that tarnish easily, select one that is lined with a tarnish-proof fabric such as felt.

Women's jewelry boxes come in all sizes and shapes, from rectangular to square to round to oblong, and with materials made from wood, leather, glass, porcelain, ceramic, or even plastic. The ones made from wood can consist of cherry, walnut, oak, mahogany, and white wood. There are some with drawers, sliding doors, or lids.

Some jewelry storage boxes are made with hanging necklace holders. They protect the jewelry from getting tangled, and keep each necklace visible and ready to grab. Most have trays at the bottom to catch any pendants that are especially long. Men are starting to wear necklaces more than ever before, so necklace holders work for them also.

Whatever the case is, pack around the travel jewelry box and be careful not to put too much weight on top of the jewelry box. This could be detrimental and may end up damaging the case and may cause something to break or get lost in your travel adventure.